Mitigation measures

The Port of Québec is an industrial port operating in the heart of a World Heritage city. We make every effort to implement best environmental practices. Here is an overview of the mitigation measures we have adopted to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment.

The Port of Québec: a sustainable port.

Anse au Foulon sector

The Quebec Port Authority (QPA) recognizes the importance of cohabitation between port operations and the neighbouring urban community. However, this cohabitation brings about some relatively complex issues, such as noise emission sources. This information note summarizes recent and upcoming key measures as part of the effort aimed towards mitigating noise impact in the Anse au Foulon sector.

Initiative to reduce road traffic on Henri-Bourassa

The QPA attaches great importance to the integration of maritime and port activities taking place on its territory, to the reality of the community around it. The same is true for the Port of Québec's operators, partners and users, which has led to several joint actions in this regard in recent years. More recently, with the urbanization of Henri-Bourassa Boulevard and the presence of trucking activities related to industrial and municipal activities, road traffic in this sector is generating more and more concerns and even diverse problems among the surrounding population.

It is in collaboration with its operators, partners and users in the Beauport Sector that the QPA modified the trucking route, as regards the use of Henri-Bourassa Boulevard as a transit zone. This is a voluntary and collective initiative that ensures that trucking to or from the Beauport Sector uses Félix-Leclerc and Dufferin-Montmorency highways, not the Henri-Bourassa boulevard that passes through the Cité-Limoilou. In fact, all truckers are asked to use Henri-Bourassa Boulevard only for local deliveries or when traffic on the above-mentioned highways is diverted during traffic issues (accidents, work, etc.).