Swallow nesting box

Did you know that a colony of bank swallows has been nesting in the Beauport Bay area for some time? In 2014, there were about 30 broods. The low-lying natural habitat was atypical for this species and exposed the colony to predators, tides, and weather. Aware of the marked decline in the bank swallow population, we decided in 2015 to build the first artificial nesting box for bank swallows in North America. Our pilot project, inspired by European models, was a resounding success as the entire colony nested in the box the very first year. We have since made some changes to optimize the setup and the box has been relocated to the Beauport Bay recreational site. Visitors to the site can now admire our splendid colony throughout the nesting season, which runs from mid-May to late August. Our efforts have paid off, as the size of the colony has now more than tripled. In fact, more than 130 confirmed broods were counted in 2018.