Partnerships for innovation


Centech’s Collision Lab supports large companies operating in several activity sectors including the maritime sector and has already proven its expertise in terms of open innovation. Thanks to this collaboration, the Port wishes to develop innovative technological solutions to meet the challenges of the maritime industry regarding logistics and sustainable transport.

This is an opportunity to propel Québec startups and promote their international influence while working to resolve important issues of maritime transport competitiveness, sustainable supply chains and reduction of the environmental footprint.

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As LE CAMP is in contact with more than a hundred startups in the technological field, the Port will be able to count on their expertise in terms of developing and implementing innovative projects and facilitating networks with startups. These young companies will be able to breathe new life into upkeep, maintenance, waste management or installation projects linked to the maritime sector, and will have access to port infrastructure to test out and experiment with future solutions.

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2 degrés

2 degrés is a business incubator in the environment and clean technology sectors. With the help of 2 degrés and their expertise to propel young Québec-based companies into the realization of clean technology initiatives, the Port wishes to find innovative solutions in several sectors, including the fight against climate change, the development of clean energies, decarbonization and city-port cohabitation.

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Novarium is an innovation campus dedicated to the blue economy that generates synergies between entrepreneurs, research centres, investors and Québec industry actors. Its vertically integrated accelerator FLOTS supports startups and industry partners in developing and commercializing sustainable solutions that tackle the most pressing climate challenges, such as ocean preservation. This partnership will support innovation in the maritime sector and contribute to the influence of the Québec region as a center of excellence for the blue economy.

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MT Lab

MT Lab is the first incubator-accelerator dedicated to tourism, culture and entertainment in North America. MT Lab is both an incubator and accelerator for startups, an open innovation and networking platform, a space for experimentation and monitoring as well as a place for co-working and entrepreneurial support. It is a natural partnership that will propel Québec companies with innovative ideas in the tourism sector, both here and internationally.

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