Social engagement

Since 2011, we have increased the number of meetings we hold with the different community stakeholders in the area surrounding the Port. These meetings have undoubtedly allowed us to create a valuable link with these various actors. Our discussions have generated opportunities for collaboration between the QPA and a number of environmental, social, citizen, urban and governmental organizations.

Working together with the community surrounding the Port is the basis of the QPA's vision for cohabitation and the integration of its activities into urban life. The collaboration and expertise of organizations such as the Association forestière des deux rives (AF2R), the Conseil régional en environnement—Région de la Capitale nationale, the Comité ZIP (priority intervention zone) for Quebec City and the Chaudière-Appalaches region, the Communauté métropolitaine de Québec, the Groupe d’éducation et d’écosurveillance de l’eau (G3E), the Fonds d’action Saint-Laurent, neighbourhood councils, resident committees, the Huron-Wendat Nation, Cégep Limoilou and Université Laval, to name just a few, allow the QPA to apply its expertise to complete major projects and continually enhance the area surrounding the Port. In sum, these interactions support a “win-win” relationship that allows the QPA to take concrete action in its community and continue to work to solidify and strengthen the link that unites the surrounding community. It is a relationship in which each partner is also concerned about the other’s interest, not to find the best compromise to be adopted but rather to increase the benefits to all parties involved.

As an organization that is actively involved in its community and that wishes to invest in it, the QPA contributes in its own way to the success of many charitable events and supports a large number of causes that are all equally important. Over the last several years, the QPA has prioritized causes related to childhood education and well-being, health, entrepreneurship, the protection and promotion of historic heritage, and the preservation and enhancement of natural areas. In addition to financially investing in these different causes, the QPA also provides support by offering up Port land and facilities, when the situation allows. When all levels of involvement are considered together, the QPA supports nearly 100 causes each year.

Learn about some of our social engagements by consulting the social engagement summaries.


Here are several causes that are important to us, to name just a few.

Fondation Élan
La Maison
du Marin
Fondation Père Raymond-Bernier, S.V. | La fondation des patro
Lions International
YWCA Québec
Fondation CHU de Québec
2019 | Défi Kayak Desgagnés | Jeunes musiciens du monde
Laura Lémerveil | Soutien aux enfants handicapés et à leur famille
Le Grand Défi Pierre Lavoie
Fondation des musées de la civilisation
La Fondation du Cégep Limoilou
Fondation Patrimoniale Nostre Dame De Kebec
Fondation CERVO
Canadian Cancer Society
Fondation Monique-fitz-back