Marine community

Committed and engaged with its local community, the Port is also active in the national and international marine community.

Worldwide Network of Port Cities (Association internationale des villes et des ports—AIVP)

AVIP is an international organization that has been bringing together public and private stakeholders focused on developing port cities for more than 30 years. Its mission is to support members in adapting to the changes underway in cities and which impact their overall environment.

In June 2018, the Port hosted the Cities and Ports World Conference, in Quebec City, focusing on the theme entitled “Next Generation”.

Worldwide network of port cities

Association of Canadian Port Authorities (ACPA)

The ACPA represents all of the Canadian Port Authorities, different government bodies and companies working in the marine sector. It is the primary association focused on protecting and promoting the Canadian port industry. ACPA members make significant contributions to Canada's local, regional and national economies, creating more than 250,000 direct and indirect jobs and generating more than $400 billion in goods and services every year.

Association of canadian port authorities (ACPA)

American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA)

The American Association of Port Authorities is the unified voice of the seaport industry and its stakeholders in the Americas, representing more than 130 public port authorities in the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America. It provides and facilitates opportunities for exchange between port authorities and their partners in the marine industry.

American association of port authorities (AAPA)

St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (Société de développement économique du Saint-Laurent)

The St. Lawrence Economic Development Council (SODES) is a non-profit organization that protects and promotes the economic interests of the St. Lawrence River. SODES represents the maritime community, which includes stakeholders from the private and public sectors whose activities affect the St. Lawrence economy directly or indirectly in every region of Quebec City.

St. Lawrence economic development council