Environmental Citizen Participation Process (ECPP)

Since the Port is located on one of Quebec City's key geographic areas, we must co-build with the community's residents and organizations and take their points of view into account. In addition, a federal authority must assess the potential negative environmental impacts of each “project” carried out on federal land.

This is why we have enacted an Environmental Citizen Participation Process (ECPP) adapted to the Port's environment and community. This process allows us to gather residents’ comments concerning the different projects underway at the Port of Québec.

The program takes a risk management approach based on project size and their potential impacts on the environment and the community. To prevent bias and improve the quality of the analysis, the program specifies that an evaluation of environmental effects (EEE) must be carried out by an independent and qualified third party. This obligation stems from a voluntary decision made by the QPA.

We invite you to give your opinion on the projects currently underway at the Port!