Community Relations Committee

Due to the Port’s central location in the city, we focus on establishing trusting partnerships with the community. The Community Relations Committee is a primary communication channel that allows the Port to maintain permanent discussions with local stakeholders from all horizons. The committee has three primary objectives:

  • Establish and maintain a structured communication channel between the Port of Québec and members of the community who are interested in its activities
  • Improve the implementation method for the Port’s projects in order to increase their level of social acceptability
  • Receive all suggestions and comments made by various special interest groups connected to the Port

As a result, various projects have been presented prior to their implementation, giving committee members an opportunity to make their voices heard. The committee is a precious communication tool that aligns with the Port of Québec’s approach to sustainable development.

Consult the procedures and regulations that govern the committee here: Statutes, mandate and operations..