Sustainable development

The sustainable development plan that the Port has undertaken transcends borders. This is why we've committed ourselves to a course of action that aligns with the objectives established by the United Nations (via the International Maritime Organization [IMO]), the Worldwide Network of Port Cities, the federal and provincial governments, the Ville de Québec and the Ville de Lévis.

The 2017–2022 Sustainable Development Action Plan builds on three main themes and six objectives that we aim to attain to ensure a better quality of life for the community and future generations. Our plan proposes taking 27 concrete priority actions, all selected based on the objectives we have established and our mission:

To promote and develop maritime trade, to serve the economic interests of the Quebec City area and of Canada, and to ensure the Port of Québec’s profitability in a way that respects both the community and the environment.

The Sustainable Development Action Plan and its associated documents summarizing the progress made in recent years can be found on this page, but some are available only in French.