EcoCargo program

Let’s move forward responsibly

For the QPA (Québec Port Authority), environmental management is more than an obligation: it’s a civic responsibility and business priority as well. The QPA believes that the long-term development of the maritime industry is directly linked to the way it takes care of the environment as it conducts business. As set forth in its sustainable development plan, the QPA has adopted the goal of continuously improving its environmental performance throughout the port area.

That’s why the QPA has established the EcoCargo program to encourage shipowners to adopt environmentally friendly practices and reduce their environmental footprint.


The Port of Québec’s EcoCargo incentive program offers discounts of up to 15% on harbour dues to shipowners who adopt environmentally responsible practices. Discounts will be based on the highest certification level attained in the Green Marine or RightShip programs.

Get your EcoCargo credit

Our commitment

EcoCargo represents the QPA’s firm commitment to encourage shipowners in order to promote a new dynamic of sustainable development and social engagement.

EcoCargo is a concrete initiative aimed at accelerating the green shift in port operations as we pursue our mission to promote Canadian foreign trade.

How does the program work?

The EcoCargo environmental performance credit is applied directly to harbour dues (Q4 notice) and can reach a maximum of 15%. It is based on the highest level of certification attained in either of the following two (2) programs:

  • Green Marine evaluates shipowners on their environmental management:
    • An average score of 4.5 or higher earns shipowners a 10% discount
  • RightShip provides a comparative assessment of a ship’s greenhouse gas emissions (GHG Rating program):
    • 15% discount for an A rating
    • 5% discount for a B rating