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A big step toward urban coexistence

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The Port of Québec wishes to take a big step toward urban coexistence by building the Anse au Foulon harbour walkway. Located on the border of the Anse au Foulon sector and the Cap Blanc residential neighbourhood, the project spans nearly two kilometres between Gilmour Hill and Anse Brown, along Champlain Boulevard.

This excellent urban development project will link the city, the river and the port, and optimally integrate industrial activities into the urban fabric, especially by highlighting the port’s function. The project will allow the Port of Québec to participate in the community’s sustained efforts to turn Champlain Boulevard into the city of Québec’s most prestigious point of entry.

This green space between the port and the city will benefit residents and visitors by showcasing the sector’s port history and activities.

A changing historic port sector

The Anse au Foulon port sector has been at the heart of Québec’s history since 1738, when naval dockyards were established on its banks.

The sector was initially used mostly to build ships and transfer wood. It also had an oil terminal and a passenger ferry terminal. In 2013, the QPA announced new development strategies for the sector. The Port of Québec will make breakbulk, covered handling and intermodality with a small carbon footprint its priorities in Anse au Foulon.

The sector is defined by its proximity to the Cap Blanc residential neighbourhood and the Mérici sector and by the integral part it plays in the prestigious entryway into the city of Québec, with the Promenade Samuel-De Champlain, the redesigned Gilmour Hill and the Anse Brown basin.

The project scope

The Anse au Foulon harbour walkway will cover 95,000 m2, including 22,000 m2 of industrial port territory.

The port’s walkway project also includes a redesigned cycling path; the addition of a pedestrian path, lookouts and observation points; features that highlight port heritage; and the creation of typical port street furniture.

The project is an estimated $12 million investment. 

Project schedule

  • 2014: Presentation of the preliminary design, web presentation
  • 2015: Financing, plans and specifications
  • 2016: Start of work 
  • 2017: Project completion 

We’re listening 

The preliminary design can be viewed until October 17, 2014. We invite you to have a look at it and to send your comments and suggestions to us by email at communications@portquebec.ca.

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