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Originally, Bassin Louise was the industrial heart of Québec’s port facilities. Over the years, the area’s daily activities featured the operation of an oil terminal and coal shipping. In the 70s, those industrial activities gradually disappeared, and the Bassin Louise district and the developed surrounding land have existed in their current form since 1983.

This port district includes the Port of Québec Marina, grain transfer activities operated by Bunge of Canada, the head office of Ocean Group, the Marché du Vieux-Port, a cycling path, walking paths and parks in addition to some 1,000 open-air parking spaces.

In recent years, the Québec Port Authority (QPA) has been examining the best potential uses for this exceptional area that’s unique in Quebec. This reflection is founded on the following principles: ensuring harmonious port-city integration, contributing to citizens’ quality of life, highlighting one of Quebec’s most attractive urban panoramas, creating an international signature and providing a roadmap for the area’s development while allowing full citizen participation.

In short, the Port of Québec’s vision for the future suggests the conservation and creation of high-quality public spaces such as an urban beach, wooden courtyards for outdoor activities, a district market to serve local residents, the promotion of public art, the creation of a diverse living environment through the construction of town houses, condominiums and a hotel in addition to commercial and office space. The vision also includes the construction of a children’s museum with educational play spaces to make the district a must-see family destination in Québec.

To carry out this project, the Port of Québec entered into an agreement with the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec so that it can help us identify the profile for an investment group, undertake soliciting to find potential developers and design measures to promote international trade within the commercial component of the project.

Moreover, future developers will need to meet the following five requirements to participate in the project:

  1. Maintain public access
  2. Develop through a long leas
  3. Invest in public space
  4. Abide by the development visio
  5. Submit the project to an environmental assessment process involving public participation

As for the next steps, the vision for the future is now under consultation through the Port of Québec’s website, until the end of fall. Then, adjustments will be made to the concept based on the comments received. In parallel, the Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec will carry out its mandate. In 2017–2018, the QPA plans to solicit the public’s participation once more by submitting the final project to an environmental assessment process. The implementation phase is expected to start in 2018.

In short, this vision for the future being presented to the public proposes diverse and complementary uses for Bassin Louise that would benefit Québec residents and visitors. We envision a port district that would integrate the key principles of a respectful port-city relationship. It was fundamental for the QPA that, once shown this vision, the community eventually buy into the project.

Giving citizens a voice

We invite you to take note of this development vision and send us your comments and suggestions at communications@portquebec.ca

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