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Québec, April 13, 2017 – Rabaska and the Port of Québec announce today that they signed an agreement granting the Québec Port Authority (QPA) an option to purchase Rabaska-owned land.

The agreement will enable the QPA and the region’s other socioeconomic stakeholders, including the City of Lévis, to maintain an industrial port area on Québec’s south shore and to properly assess the potential of this unique land. All levels of government want that potential to be developed in the best possible way.

“Given the state of the North American natural gas market and the unlikely prospect of going forward in the near future with the Rabaska project, a liquefied natural gas import facility, we are happy to give the region an opportunity to properly assess the possibility to valuate that industrial port area. That’s the purpose of our agreement,” said Rabaska president André L’Ecuyer. 

“This is an important agreement for the Port of Québec as we work on setting up the Québec–Lévis industrial port area. Now, that one-of-a-kind site can retain its purpose in the long term. The agreement will help us to plan the Port’s development over the next few decades. It opens up new development opportunities for Lévis, for the Port and for the region that will benefit future generations,” said Port CEO Mario Girard.

Moreover, the QPA will work in collaboration with the different stakeholders in order to establish a dialogue with the local actors, amongst other.

Agreement details

The agreement:
• Includes a right of option of up to nearly five years;
• Sets the conditions for the Port to acquire all of the lands and dwellings;
• Provides that Rabaska will remain the owner of the acquired land and all dwellings on that land until the option is exercised. The Port and Rabaska will ensure sound management of these assets;
• Provides that all agreements Rabaska has with tenants, with the City of Lévis and with the land’s immediate neighbours remain unchanged.

About Rabaska

An equal partnership between Gaz Métro, Enbridge and ENGIE (formerly GDF SUEZ), Rabaska is a project to build a liquefied natural gas import facility in eastern Lévis, near Québec. Even though the required land was acquired by Rabaska, all government authorities approved the project, and the BAPE greenlighted it, Rabaska was never implemented because of changed natural gas market conditions in North America.

About the Port of Québec

The Québec Port Authority is an independent federal agency established under the Canada Marine Act. Each year, the vessels transiting through the Port drive a $20 billion supply chain, with an average of over 25 million tons of cargo being handled. The Port of Québec is the core of a marine hub that supports more than 8,000 direct and indirect jobs in the Québec region, according to the latest KPMG/SECOR research.
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