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The Port of Québec is a deep-water port at the head of the St. Lawrence / Great Lakes trade corridor and plays a key role in this continental trade route, as the only port that can boast more than 15 metres in depth at low tide and full intermodality.

This makes the Port of Québec a strategic transfer point between the industrial and agricultural core of North America and the rest of the world. Accessible year-round, it is one of the most important Canadian ports, both in terms of tonnage and economic impact.

Challenges and solutions

The Port of Québec is operating at full capacity, with 100% of its spaces used and traffic at its wharves at a critical business threshold. Moreover, with intense competition between the ports on the eastern shore of the Americas, the Port of Québec must focus on developing new infrastructure to seize economic opportunities, maintain its current traffic and generate new revenue to maintain its existing infrastructure. The Beauport Bay beach is eroding with time. The current design will not ensure its sustainability in the long term.

This is the context of our new project: to create a new space for development that respects the environment and to rebuild and enhance the Beauport Bay beach recreational and tourist site.

Beauport 2020: A place for everyone

This strategic project will require a $190M investment to extend the wharf line, develop an area behind the wharf and rebuild and redesign the beach. Seventy percent of this investment will come from the private sector.

Here is a summary of the main elements of this project:

  • Extension of the current wharf line by 610 metres
  • Development of an area behind the wharf of 17.5 hectares
  • Connection to road and rail networks 
  • Construction of a retaining dike and a breakwater to safeguard port operations and consolidate the beach
  • Consolidation and expansion of the area of the Beauport Bay beach and enhancement of services offered

After the construction of the infrastructure, private investment of $250M to $400M may be obtained for the development of additional facilities to be built on the area behind the wharf following the rigorous application of an environmental assessment process involving public participation.

During the construction phase, which is estimated at five years, the project will create 1,200 jobs per year. Once the infrastructure is in place, it will lead to 1,100 additional permanent jobs and will bring in an additional $100M in economic benefits.

A rigorous process

To complete this strategic project, the QPA has been involved in a rigorous process for the last several years. Over 35 environmental studies have been carried out to ensure the best possible integration of the project into its surroundings. This has enabled the QPA to put forward a sound, well-defined project, both in terms of its financing and the environmental studies carried out.

Respecting the environment

The Québec Port Authority established its first sustainable development action plan in April 2014. Integrating sustainable development principles at the Port of Québec is an essential goal.

Formal commitments

The QPA has made other fundamental commitments for the construction of facilities for the Beauport 2020 project. Each terminal project that will be implemented in this new economic space will be subjected to an individual environmental assessment process involving the public. This new port territory will be exclusively reserved for terminal projects that are 100% covered. The QPA will also focus on the development of terminals that promote intermodality with a small carbon footprint (ship-to-ship or ship-to-train transfer). Finally, the QPA has committed to rebuilding and redesigning the Beauport Bay beach to protect the banks of this exceptional recreational and tourist site from erosion caused by tides and moving ice.


The Québec Port Authority is a financially independent organization. All its revenue is generated by its commercial activities. Activities related to the Québec industrial port community generate 13,250 jobs in Canada, almost 8,000 of which are in the Québec region. Québec’s port family helps create $1.35B in wealth for the country, 55% of which is in the region. The mission of the Québec Port Authority is to promote and develop maritime trade, to serve the economic interests of the Québec area and of Canada, and to ensure the Port of Québec’s profitability in a way that respects both the community and the environment.

The Port of Québec voluntarily subjected the Beauport 2020 project to an assessment under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012, and under any other federal legislation that would make the project possible. The environmental assessment process, conducted by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency in collaboration with the government of Quebec and federal departments, has been underway since August 10. For the details of this approach, go to www.ceaa-acee.gc.ca/050/documents-fra.cfm?evaluation=80107.

To consult the documents available at the public consultation please click on this link 

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