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The Quebec Port Authority issues a Port Pass to grant access to its facilities and working sectors. The conditions of deliverance and of use of this Pass are described in this section.

Please read carefully this section before sending your Port Pass request. Any incomplete request will be rejected.

1. Who is entitled to obtain a Port Pass?

  • Employees of the companies working in the Port of Quebec;
  • Suppliers of the companies working in the Port of Quebec;
  • Any other person who can justify his/her presence on the territory of the Port of Quebec with frequent passages (twice a month or 12 times a year).

2. How to ask for a Port Pass?

2.1. Employees of the port’s users and of companies working in the Port of Quebec: each user and company working in the Port of Quebec has a designated person who can authorize Port Pass requests. Please refer to this person.

2.2. Clients and suppliers of port’s users and of companies working in the Port of Quebec: the applicant must obtain from the company working in the port an authorization which must be sent in writing to the QPA’s Security Officer. Upon reception of this authorization, the Port Pass will be issued.

2.3. Ship-owners: Ship-owners must send their Port Pass requests to the QPA’s Security Officer for their employees and their suppliers.

2.4. Any other person: Any other applicant must receive an authorization from a Port’s user, a company working in the Port of Quebec or ask for an authorization from QPA’s Security Officer.

2.5. To forward your request:

2.5.1. The form is available online; click here.

2.5.2. By email: you can ask for a paper form or send your completed form with a photo (digital in jpg format; low resolution accepted) of the applicant by email at poste.controle@portquebec.ca.

2.5.3. In person: at the Quebec Port Authority’s office at 150 Dalhousie Street, Monday to Friday from 7 am to 3 pm.

3. Port Pass fees

Every Port Pass is subject to a tariff which must be paid by the applicant upon reception of the Pass. The tariff can also be paid by the employer after an agreement with QPA’s Security Officer

Port Pass fees
Current fees
Port Pass
Initial request 50,00 $
Replacement (lost/stolen/damaged) 50,00 $
Replacement of front sticker 25,00 $
Renewal (every 5 years) 25,00 $
Activation after suspension by QPA 25,00 $
Temporary Pass delivered by QPA 25,00 $
Penalty if not returned 50,00 $

4. Production and delivery of the Port Pass

The Port Pass will be produced as soon as possible. It will be handed to the applicant on presentation of two (2) official and valid identity documents:

  • Driving license
  • Health Insurance Card
  • Passport
  • Governmental pictured ID card
  • A pass delivered by another Canadian port

The Quebec Port Authority reserves the right to refuse to deliver a Port Pass if the motives of the request are not legitimate or do not justify the possession of such a card.

5. Port Pass: regulations in brief

Employees who must work in the Restricted Areas (as defined in the Marine Transportation Security Regulations), as described in the Port Security Plan or in the Port’s users Security Plans, must obtain a Port Pass.

5.1. The Port Pass is the identification that a person requesting the entry in a Restricted Area must show; it is the identification that Transport Canada demands to display on the outer clothing and above the waist.

5.2. No one can loan or give a Port Pass.

5.3. The holder who loses his Port Pass or has them stolen must warn QPA immediately.

5.4. No one can use his Port Pass if not in the performance of his duties.

5.5. No one can alter or otherwise modify his Port Pass.

5.6. Nobody will be allowed to receive a Port Pass without preliminary authorization. The QPA’s Security Officer is the person who judges exceptional cases.

5.7. The Company Security Officers and the other company responsible must take back the useless Port Pass and send them back to QPA.

5.8. A company making business in the port and which needs Port Passes can pay the fees for its employees after taking arrangements with QPA’s Security Officer which include payments, expedition and return of the Passes.

5.9. The Security Officer of a port’s user which holds a Security Certificate can include in it the responsibility of distribution and return of the Port Passes of its employees and suppliers. The company then takes the legal responsibility of it.

5.10. An applicant for a Restricted Area 2 Pass (cruise business with Transportation Security Clearance) must first complete the Transportation Security Clearance form on Transport Canada’s website here, then contact QPA to make an appointment to complete the process (see contacts at the end of this section). This request is free of charge, but it can take several months to proceed so it is better to fill the request as soon as possible.

5.10.1 When the Security Clearance is granted, the Port Pass holder receives a new one which indicates his clearance.

5.11 The holder will respect applicable laws and QPA’s regulations

5.12 For further details, please read the Safety, Traffic and Port Pass Regulations here

6. Port Pass return

6.1. Each useless Port Pass must be immediately returned to the Port of Quebec for cancellation.

6.2. Every Port Pass remains the property of the Port of Quebec at all time. They must be handed back on request.

7. Suspension and confiscation of a Port Pass

7.1. No Port Pass will be recognized as valid beyond its expiration date.

7.2. Any Port Pass not used for six (6) months at gate will be automatically invalidated, and its holder will have to prove that he still needs one to see it reactivated (no fee).

7.3. Anyone caught in the act of fraudulently using a Port Pass will have it immediately seized and will be the object of a formal complaint to the QPA’s Security Officer and Transport Canada, Marine Security. His access to the Port of Quebec will immediately be suspended by QPA’s Security Officer.

7.4. Any holder of a Port Pass who do not respect QPA’s regulations will see its Pass seized at once and his access to the Port of Quebec will immediately be suspended by QPA’s Security Officer.

8. Harbour Master’s Office / Control Center contacts

For any questions regarding the Port Pass or the Transportation Security Clearance, contact the Control Center on weekdays, from 7 am to 3 pm

For any other question, contact the Harbour Master’s Office

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