Port of Québec


Strom Nordic Spa
Located in Bassin Brown at the Port of Québec, Strom Nordic Spa is a unique place to relax, blending seamlessly against a backdrop that includes Anse Brown, the Port, and the river. Enjoy a range of services such as the thermal experience, body treatments, face treatments, family brunch, and more! 

Visit the website: https://www.stromspa.com/vieux-quebec/boutique/

Strom Site S

Baie de Beauport
Located 5 minutes from Old Québec, the urban beach is a must for lovers of water sports and sand! The beach, which was bequeathed by the federal government on Québec City’s 400th birthday, is the perfect spot to enjoy the St. Lawrence River.

Visit the website: https://baiedebeauport.com

Baie De Beauport
Café du Monde

This Paris-style brasserie has been charming customers ever since it opened 30 years ago. That’s because Café du Monde boasts an atmosphere you’d only expect to find in Paris in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower. And the restaurant also offers something you wouldn’t find in a Paris bistro gorgeous water views from every table.

Visit the website: http://www.lecafedumonde.com/#/

Café Du Monde
Café Terrasse La Marina

Located on the edge of the marina next to the lock, Café Terrasse La Marina offers a breathtaking view of Bassin Louise and Québec City, especially at sunset! With its colorful summery décor, the eatery serves up a traditional menu of comfort food and snacks, including poutine, hot dogs, hamburgers, club sandwiches, beer, ice cream, and more.

Visit Café Terrasse La Marina at 70 Quai Saint-André, Québec City.

Café Terrasse
Tennis Montcalm

Located on Boulevard Champlain in Québec City, on the St. Lawrence River, Tennis Montcalm is a cutting-edge facility sure to be a hit with tennis and squash players alike, whether you’re an amateur or a pro. With its four indoor and seven outdoor courts, you can play all year round and take advantage of the club’s unparalleled amenities.

Visit the website: http://tennismontcalm.com/

Tennis Montcalm
Cour arrière du Festibière

This warm and festive “backyard” space overlooking the river is undoubtedly the most beautiful patio in town! Open to adults and kids alike until September 30, Cour arrière also offers a variety of activities, such as salsa and sangria nights and musical performances. 

Visit the website: https://infofestibiere.com/lacourarriere/

Cour Arrière

Québec Scooters
Québec Scooters is a Québec City–based scooter rental company that has been offering customers an original way to experience the city since 2015.

Visit the website: http://www.quebecscooters.ca/

Aurora Borealis

This colorful light installation by Robert Lepage and Ex Machina is projected onto the 600 m by 30 m façade of the G3 terminal’s 81 grain silos.

Visit the website: http://www.lacaserne.net/

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