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Québec, January 7, 2016 – The President and CEO of the Port of Québec, Mario Girard, announced the results of an economic benefit assessment at a reception held for the awarding of the 2016 gold-headed cane attended by the Minister for Transport and the Implementation of the Maritime Strategy, Jean D’Amour, and the MP for Louis-Hébert, Joël Lightbound. The KPMG study confirms the role of the Port of Québec as an economic driver for the region.

Gold-headed cane

The Apollon, which arrived at 2:20 a.m. on January 1, 2016, is the first ocean-going vessel from a foreign port to reach the Port of Québec this year. Sailing under the Bahamian flag, this tanker of 186 metres in length and gross tonnage of 30,053 called at wharf 51 of the Beauport sector. Arriving from Port Arthur in Texas, the ship is at the Port of Québec to unload gasoline cargo to the liquid bulk terminal run by VOPAK.

KPMG study on economic benefits

The Québec Port Authority (QPA) contracted KPMG to assess the economic benefits of the Québec maritime and port community’s operations. From the outset, the study demonstrates that having maritime and port operations in Québec brings significant economic benefits to the region.

Creation of quality jobs

The Québec maritime hub generates 7,964 direct and indirect jobs in the region, 11,446 in the province, and 13,252 in the country. While the average yearly salary in the Québec census metropolitan area (CMA) is $42,600, KPMG found that the average salary in the maritime shipping industry is almost 45% higher, reaching $61,500.

“The creation of quality jobs is a major economic benefit for the region and contributes to improving quality of life. In addition, KPMG reminds us that having this maritime hub results in major companies establishing their headquarters here; these local companies achieve international success and sustained growth thanks to dynamic and inspiring entrepreneurship,” said Mr. Girard.

Wealth-generating economic benefits

The Québec maritime industry is a formidable economic driver that creates wealth here and across the country. According to KPMG, each year, maritime and port operations generate direct, indirect and induced economic impacts of $730 million in the Québec region, $1.05 billion in the province and $1.35 billion in Canada.

“World-class port infrastructure is essential to developing the full potential of the province’s maritime economy. The Port of Québec is a great example of that. For both the city and the province, the port generated, in 2015, economic benefits that have positioned it as a major player in the maritime industry and a key element of the Maritime Strategy”, said Jean D’Amour, Minister for Transport and the Implementation of the Maritime Strategy.

Raising Québec’s international economic profile

The Québec maritime hub operations encompass the transhipment of goods and transportation of passengers from several countries. Over 1,000 ships transit through the hub every year. The port also plays a key role in Canada’s international trade: 12% of Canada’s maritime wheat trade goes through the Port of Québec, while that proportion amounts to 17% for crude oil and 21% for other chemicals. Data from 2011 showed that the Port of Québec was the most important handling facility in the province for crude oil, copper ore and cement coming from or going to foreign countries.

“The Port of Québec is a powerful economic force not only for the Québec region, but also for Canada as a whole. With a global focus and business relationships in 300 ports and 60 countries, the port has demonstrated its capacity to remain competitive”, mentioned Joël Lightbound, MP for Louis-Hébert in the city of Québec.

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