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In its capacity as a respectful corporate citizen, the QPA relies on a partnership with the community that is based on trust. That is why, in May 2012, it established the community relations committee. This special communication channel allows the Port of Québec to maintain ongoing discussions with stakeholders from every perspective. It has three primary objectives:

  • Establish and maintain a structured communication channel between the Port of Québec and members of the community who are interested in its activities
  • Improve the implementation method for the Port’s projects in order to increase their level of social acceptability
  • Receive all suggestions and comments made by various special interest groups connected to the Port

As a result, various projects were presented prior to their implementation, and committee members were able to make their voices heard. The committee is a precious communication tool that is in line with the Port of Québec’s approach to sustainable development.

Members are listed below

First name Last name Title Organization
Pierre Cazalis Member Amis de la Vallée du Saint-Laurent
Michel Bonnet Board member Comité des citoyens du Vieux-Québec
Daniel Gross President Association des gens d’affaire Place-Royale/Vieux-Port
Hamida Hassein Bey Director Zone d’intervention prioritaire (ZIP) de Québec et Chaudière-Appalaches
Nancy Hudon Environmental advisor Administration portuaire de Québec
Nancy Rhéaume Vice-President opérations and administration Chambre de commerce et d’industrie de Québec
Anick Métivier Assistant director Administration portuaire de Québec
Daniel Robitaille General manager / president Gestev/Club Nautique de la Baie de Beauport
Marc Rondeau General manager Communauté métropolitaine de Québec
Alain Samson President Conseil de quartier Vieux-Québec–Cap-Blanc–Colline-Parlementaire
Charles Marceau Director of strategy for major projects Ville de Québec
Nicole Trépanier President Société de développement économique du Saint-Laurent (SODES)
Alexandre Turgeon General manager Conseil régional de l'environnement - région de la Capitale-Nationale
Yvan Ouellet President Conseil de quartier de Maizerets

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